Dean Dederman

July 8, 2015 in Leawood, KS, B-N-R Squares brought to the stage “the taller caller”, also known as Dean DedermanDean Dederman. The First Baptist Church was filled with dancers excited to do what they do best; Live Lively!  If dancers could share something that sets this caller apart it would be his ability to know where every one of his squares should be.  Several times he would call out to someone in a square and move them to where they should be.

Dean’s patter and singing calls often ended with the dancers circling left once around the ring that ended on the last note of the song.  There was a couple, new dancers and members of B-N-R Squares that made new friends in the dancers who were all so willing to help them out and ensure them that we have all been there.

Square dancing is a family sport.  Its not just about the families that join together, but about the family that we become.  We should always welcome new members with the same openness and respect that we all deserve.  Our family does exactly as our Slogo says:  LIVE LIVELY!  SQUARE DANCE!!!

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